In 1987 a group of citizens met to form an organization to address roadside litter. The group of Iredell County citizens was inspired by Carl Litaker and the Statesville Appearance Commission. They felt that it would be good to have a group that considered the countywide appearance. The group was made up of educators, leaders from the county and municipal governments and concerned citizens.

Several founding members who are still active on the Board of Directors include John Robertson of Union Grove, Bob Johnson and Freddie Morrison with the City of Statesville and Sue Walser who was also on the Statesville Appearance Commission.

Early in its history, Keep Iredell Clean supported county roadside cleanups by making contributions to established school clubs. The support provided the clubs with a fundraiser and a service project to the community. Later on, several other key members from the business community, including Michael White and John McCalla, got involved and encouraged the group to become affiliated with Keep America Beautiful. John Robertson remembers that Joe Knox, Al Jones, David Jones, Joel Mashburn, Frankie White, Alice Fortner and Bill McMilllian were all very supportive in the early efforts.

The Keep Iredell Clean group became national affiliates with Keep America Beautiful in 1993. Since then the group has expanded and increased their mission statement and concern for all aspects of our environment. The municipalities, county government, Mitchell Community College and many concerned citizens have continued to be major supporters.

Our objective includes engaging individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environment. Our core issues include litter reduction, clean waterways, recycling, environmental education and long-term land use planning. Our plan of action includes thoroughly researching environmental issues, involving the people of Iredell County, planning improvements systematically, focusing on results and providing positive reinforcement.

Over the years, we've learned that Iredell citizens can create long-lasting change. By empowering groups and other volunteers to take pride and ownership in their neighborhoods, parks, roadways and waterways, we all benefit from an improved quality of life.

Dan Pope - Chairman

Jim Morrow - Vice Chairman

Harriette AndrewsSecretary

Cindy PittTreasurer

John Robertson

Bob Johnson

Jamie Buzze - Iredell County

                                          Recycling Coordinator

Mike Kilpatrick - Iredell County Solid Waste Officer

David Lambert - Iredell  County Solid Waste Management

Ann Kelly - Mitchell Community College

Brian Burgess - BSS/ Iredell Recycling

Fred Morrison - City of Statesville

Susie Wiberg - Iredell County Schools

Danny Yount - ASMO

Maika Khang - ASMO

Victor Crosby

Shawn Eckles - Iredell County TV

•  To promote environmental education
•  To promote environmental stewardship
•  To preserve farmland and open spaces
•  To encourage long-term land use planning
•  To encourage recycling and litter reduction
•  To protect natural resources and natural heritage


The Keep Iredell Clean Board of Directors meets at Noon on the third Wednesday of each month in the Mitchell Community College Kirkman House, 123 Mulberry Street, Statesville. Office space for KIC/KAB has been graciously provided by the college at the same location for several years.


Keep Iredell Clean Mission

Board Of Directors

Welcome to Keep Iredell Clean/Keep America Beautiful. We

are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit environmental organization located

in Iredell County, North Carolina.

Although the members of KIC/KAB are vitally interested in preserving and protecting the beautiful natural resources of our area, we are in no way opposed to growth and development. However, we believe that growth and development must be managed. We advocate long-term land use planning and responsible land stewardship as critical components in the future growth of our community.

We all tend to take for granted such simple things as clean air and water, beautiful open spaces and farmland, and the presence of wildlife. But sadly, these will come under tremendous pressure in the coming years. Members of KIC/KAB are dedicated to insuring the survival of the treasures we have and are working hard to guarantee that these things will not be lost or sacrificed. If we hope to maintain the high quality of life, which we all enjoy today, the public must be informed about critical environmental issues. Therefore, KIC/KAB is dedicated to community environmental education.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I invite you to learn more about our organization, join us in our environmental efforts by becoming a member, and thank you for your participation and support.

Dan Pope, KIC/KAB Chair

Keep Iredell Clean

Chair's Welcome