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Keep Iredell Clean


Iredell County has five locations that accept solid waste and recycling.

​The City of Statesville offers a curbside recycling program for homeowners within the city limits. Nearly one-half of the 9500 families with trash pickup in Statesville, participate in the Statesville program. Conducted every other week, schedules for Blue Bin Weeks (indicated with a blue dot on a red bin) and Red Bin Weeks are advertised on cable television Chanel 4 and available from the Statesville Sanitation Department. Items not collected by the city may be delivered to any one of the four county collection sites. For further information, or to replace a damaged or lost bin, call the Statesville Sanitation Department at


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To illustrate the countywide recycling effort, the numbers below represent material tons recycled in Iredell County between June 2005 and June 2006.

  • Aluminum - 25 Tons
  • Anti freeze - 3 Tons
  • Appliances - 379 Tons
  • Batteries, Auto - 67 Tons
  • Brush, Yardwaste - 6604 Tons
  • Cardboard - 644 Tons
  • Electronics - 61Tons
  • Glass - 161 Tons
  • Hazardous Waste - 30 Tons
  • Metals - 936 Tons
  • Mixed Paper - 1450 Tons
  • Oil - 81 Tons
  • Pallets - 1190 Tons
  • Pesticide Containers - 1 Ton
  • Plastics - 166 Tons
  • Re-Use - 9 Tons
  • Steel Cans - 22 Tons
  • Tires - 2919 Tons

If you have questions regarding recycling in Iredell County, please call the recycling coordinator.​